You will remain a disciple all your life…. And I have learned something, again. I had a nude / beauty workshop at the weekend in my studio and wanted to use the favor of the hour of my friend and model Susanne to shoot a few beauty wetplates. Freshly serviced silver, fresh Collodion and developer and fixer as always. Each plate had stripes and violent artifacts that I had never seen in this form and shape. Sure, you have streaks – then it’s the developer. No, it wasn’t. OK, then you must have had too much alcohol in the silver bath! No, I didn’t have that either! The streaks were caused by the water on the plate when I stopped the development. I got bad collodion with a weak nitrocellulose content – the collodion could not bind the silver and was simply washed away by the stop water.
Too bad about the beautiful, otherwise impeccable plates – I still kind of like the look, somehow ?
8×10″ tintype, 360 mm Trioplan @ f11, 6000 Ws with Beauty Dish, 3000 Ws hair/shoulder light