My name is Sascha Hirschner and I am a photographer.

I was born as a child of the wild ‘70s in Heidelberg/Germany, the second most beautiful and adorablet city in the world. Until 2006 I worked as an art director in various advertising agencies in Germany and abroad, designed advertisements, logos, brochures and developed advertising campaigns. My passion, no my obsession, for photography started at about the age of 12 with my father’s Voigtländer. At the age of 15, I was already working as a “freelance photo journalist” for a Heidelberg daily newspaper. Over the years I have perfected my passion for photography self-taught and as an assistent for „grown-up“ photographers and started my first own commercial projects. With all my passion and interest for street photography and social themes, my first own art projects followed that had been exhibited in and around Heidelberg. The ever-expanding commercialization and immense pressure in the advertising industry led me to end up my career as an art director. I was gambling around as a freelance graphic artist, construction worker, delivery boy for medical instruments, software developer, bouncer at a cathouse and of course, as a freelance photographer – always hunting for the right moment.

As a photographer, I don’t feel to be a dedicated artist. I can see the art that is surrounding us, that is inside of us. I can see the little special thing, its beauty in everything and everybody. I am catching emotions and bring them into pictures – this is my expression of art.”

In the summer of 2012, a couple of months after my beloved daughter Sharon was born, I took all my courage and decided to work from now on as a professional photographer and trainer for photography. My photographical emphasis is about editorial, documentary, and emotional portraits. I love Italy and adore Venice, the MOST beautiful city in the world, wich I frequently visit for a long term photo project . My images are supposed to provide a differentiated emotional look beyond the omnipresent medial flood of pictures. That’s the main reason I prefer analog photography and historical imaging processes.

I live in Eisenberg, Palatinate, near to Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mainz and Kaiserslautern and I am running the „Scala3 // fotostudio“ – an up-to-date photo studio with deep roots in the analog photography and processing.

Right now, I am „back to school“ and will become a „Fotografenmeister“ (German title for Master Photographer) soon. Stay tuned 🙂